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St George Marathon

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St George,

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Mar 10, 2009



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Best 10K:  2013 Spectrum 10K 40:34

Best Half Marathon:  2012 Dog Town 1:29:57

Best Marathon: 2013 St George 3:12:15

Best 50-miler 2012 8:36

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Keep running!!!!

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Keep Running!!!


I am married with eight children.  All of them are ours. My wife is so awesome!

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Miles:This week: 13.90 Month: 80.10 Year: 316.50
Race: St George Marathon (26.2 Miles) 03:29:45, Place overall: 766, Place in age division: 116
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I was having a good day to start out. I ran comfortable for the first 4 miles around a 7:10 pace. I had to stop at mile five to deal with diarrea. That held me up for 2 minutes. I ran strong into veyo and my time was 49 min at mile 7. I took veyo hill easy averaging a 9:15 pace. I stayed on the conservative side of 7:45's through Dammeron Vly. I hit mile 13 at 1:36. The 3:05 pacer pasted me when I was in the john at mile 5. I stayed behind them for a long time. They pulled away after mile 13.

My legs felt great, but i had extremely sore shoulders which gave me a nice headache. Also, the gaterade was giving me a stomach ache since veyo hill. I took my first gel after mile 13 which intensified my stomach ache. This slowed me down a little. I ate another gel at 15 which had the same effect. After mile 15 I switched back and forth between water and gaterade. I never took another gel the rest of the race.

I hit mile 16 right on 2hrs. I knew I was 5 minutes behind at this point. I didnt worry or try to speed up, just maintain. My body for the most part felt good. Coming down snow cyn I took it easy, but I felt every part of my body that was sore. A lot of runners past me coming down the hill. My shoulders were still sore at this point. Running through winchester was non-eventful. I think the 3:15 pace group pasted me after winchester. At Mile 20 my time was 2:32.

At mile 21 the day changed... I was coming down the hill towards the aid station when I started coughing. Well, I know when I have to cough while running I usually hold my lower abs with my hands so I dont strain myself. Well... I forgot to and I blew my hip out. I almost recked since I was going down hill and still running. I stopped to massage my hip and abs. After the aid station I started back at it, but when I got over a 8:00 pace I was in severe pain. I never noticed my shoulder pain again since the hip pain dwarfed everything at this point. I ran slow the next 3 miles and when everything calm down I tried to pick it up again but it was over. I had nothing left in me to push it. I basicly limped in to the finish for the last 5 miles.

I seemed okay with my nutrition. I did eat a popsicle that was handed to me at mile 24. I really enjoyed that moment. I never really felt challenged with cardio. I had minimal pain in the recovery area, mostly my abs and hip when I had to get up and down or bend over. I walked around all day with only mild soreness in my legs and lower back. We went to tuachan last night, the stairs didnt bother me. This morning I can go up and down stairs with ease. I feel mild tightness in my calves, lower back, and abs. No shoulder pain.

Im okay with my finish time. I think I may have a bug. I dont usually pay attention to sickness, but I spent all of saturday with diarrea. I think i'm better today. Eating food doesnt irritate me today.

Im thinking of running tri-state marathon, but with no expectation. Just run and see what happens. But I will train as if I'm running a 3:10.

Splits: 7:01, 7:04, 6:52, 6:56, 8:25, 6:34, 6:55, 8:12, 8:00, 7:35, 8:08, 7:40, 7:27, 7:50, 7:35, 7:54, 7:38, 7:37, 8:42, 8:16, 8:13, 8:49, 9:28, 9:05, 10:36, 9:41, 7:51(0.2 m)

I finally met Kelli in person for the first time. She ran a good time! I hope to see you at more races.

From anji on Sun, Oct 02, 2011 at 17:13:42 from

good job today!

From Kelli on Sun, Oct 02, 2011 at 23:39:14 from

I am so glad that you were able to spot me!!! After all this years of being in the same place at the same time, too!

Sorry about the stomach issues. I know we have a bug going around up here so maybe that was it. But the whole hip thing---OUCH! You are tough to run through that.

Hopefully we will meet again!

From scotthughes on Mon, Oct 03, 2011 at 11:30:01 from

Way to gut it out!

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