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Week starting Jul 05, 2009

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Mar 10, 2009



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Best 10K:  2013 Spectrum 10K 40:34

Best Half Marathon:  2012 Dog Town 1:29:57

Best Marathon: 2013 St George 3:12:15

Best 50-miler 2012 8:36

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Keep running!!!!

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Keep Running!!!


I am married with eight children.  All of them are ours. My wife is so awesome!

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Miles:This week: 13.90 Month: 80.10 Year: 316.50
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Easy MilesMarathon Pace MilesThreshold MilesVO2 Max MilesTotal Distance

I was out the door by 4:15 am for my 7 mile run. I just took it easy, mainly due to the fact that I want to do speedwork tomorrow. The total run time was 1:01:37 (8:49 pace).

Mile 1 = 9:14 pace This was my warm-up. At this point I wasn't sure if I wanted to do 7 miles.

Mile 2 = 9:08 pace I climbed the two little hills on Bloomington Dr and the steep climb on Tonaquint. I ran the tonaquint hill much faster than expected.

Mile 3 = 8:40 pace This is the best down hill part of the run, but I was still taking it easy and wondering why I was doing this route.

Mile 4 = 8:46 pace Enjoying the run now!

Mile 5 = 8:32 pace Now I'm trying not to speed up. Ran into a skunk on the trail. I got away from the skunk without any incident. The pace did quicken for a few hundred feet!

Mile 6 = 8:33 pace The moon is shining in my eyes now and I can't see!

Mile 7 = 8:32 pace Off the trail and running back down the first mile route. The path is slightly up-hill and I should be cooling down... right!!?

Swam 40 laps at the pool this evening.  Forgot my goggles, and tried to swim without them.  Now my eyes burn and the vision is blurred.  So after cutting my swim short, I went to the gym to work out the lower body.  I kept the set to 3 each per muscle group and weight low.  I want to do speedwork tomorrow!

Easy MilesMarathon Pace MilesThreshold MilesVO2 Max MilesTotal Distance

Went to the track this morning. The plan was to run 6 X 800 at 3:40 minutes per rep. Between each Rep I did a 3:40 minute recovery of walking. I started with a half mile walk around the track, and then a one mile warm-up at a 9:05 pace.

Rep 1 = 800m in 3:27 min. A little faster than the goal pace.

Rep 2 = 800m in 3:30 min. Getting closer to the goal pace, but still too fast.

Rep 3 = 800m in 3:19 min. What happened? Did I not pay attention to my watch? Too Fast!!!

Rep 4 = 800m in 3:28 min. Okay... maybe I'm getting tired... the speed will come down.

Rep 5 = 800m in 3:21 min. DOH!!!!

Rep 6 = 800m in 3:22 min. Oh Well!!! Great workout!

I obviously ran too fast. Maybe my recoveries were too long/easy. I know I could have ran faster. But no reason to get injured. Right after the last Rep I finished with a 1 mile cool down at an 8:04 pace, and I walked one more time around the track for good measure, but really to only make the whole workout even at 7 miles. heehee!!

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Ran very easy with Cathy early this morning.  She was not in mood to run, but I made her do it anyways.  We started out very slow and walked a few times.  The last half of our run we picked it up a little.  I feel great after my speedwork yesterday.

Swam 120 laps this evening at the City pool.  The distance is a little longer than 1.7 miles.  I wanted to swim only an hour.  I hit the 120th lap at 59:00.  I think I swam more laps than that since I kept loosing count and going back in count. Oh well... it was all a good work out!  I swam the last 60 laps non-stop.  During warm-up I stretch and rest a minute or two between 10 and 20 laps. 

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Had planned to do 14 miles today. Due to lack of time (out the door at 4am) and sluggishness, I only did 12.2 miles. I ran the trail along the Virgin River, up and back.  I ran most of the miles at my goal pace, but inbetween slower miles.  I finally set my garmin to lap every mile.  I liked that, but I won't add those details here.  Between warmup, and recovery miles I averaged a 8:39 pace.

Going camping tonight with the scouts, so no other work out today.  Wish me luck!  I will just sit in my chair eating chips and jerky for the next two days while the scouts fumble tents and meals.  I remember those good ole days!?

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Went camping with the boyscouts last night up above Cedar City near Websters flat.  The boys had fun.  We did a 5+ mile hike today.  No trail... we just walked through thick forest and under growth.  The stabilizer muscles got a good workout.

When I got home, Cathy immediately wanted to eat.  So we went to the buffet and pigged out!!  When we got home, we went for a tempo bike ride.  I was pushing Cathy for 20 miles at average speeds around 19-21 mph.  Cathy was awesome!!!  After the ride, I jumped into my running shoes and scooted out the door.  I was only planning a 2-3 mile run.  I started very slow (9:45 pace) due to my biking legs.  After a half mile, the biking leg sensation left and I picked up the pace.  The first mile ended up being a 8:57 pace.  Mile 2 = 8:35;  mile 3 = 8:17,  mile 4 = 8:21, and mile 5 = 8:06.  I feel really good!!!!

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